ROC (Taiwan) and Burkina Faso Medical Cooperation Project (2017-2019)

From TaiwanICDF 2018-03-28

Project Description


A collaboration between TaiwanICDF and National Taiwan University Hospital Yunlin Branch, this project aims to strengthen health care quality and systems in the central and western regions of Burkina Faso through the transfer of medical skills and capacity building.


Project Period: 2017.01-2019.12


Project Objectives


  1. Strengthening specialty care delivery by:
  • dispatching a Taiwan medical team
  • promoting the capacity building of Burkina Faso specialists
  • assisting in the provision of mobile medical services
  • providing tailored medical services
  • assisting in the optimization of specialized medical services


  1. Supplying necessary hardware for the provision of specialized medical care


Progress (Through the End of December 2017)


  1. Strengthening specialty care delivery:
  • Dispatched three Taiwan medical staffers (including two specialists and one registered nurse) and one project manager.
  • Completed seed instructor training in Taiwan on emergency and intensive care for four Burkina Faso medical personnel
  • Collaborated with Burkina Faso medical staffers on providing mobile medical services and delivered 4,823 instances of care spanning 36 service categories.
  • Delivered five local training sessions to 151 medical professionals.
  • Conducted tailored medical service sessions on pulmonary system care and cystoscopy.
  • Conducted an initial six-month meeting in 2016 with the Burkina Faso Ministry of Health.
  1. Supplying necessary hardware for the provision of specialized medical care:
  • Completing procurement of intensive care medical equipment at the Friendship Hospital, Koudougou including electrocardiograms, defibrillators, intravenous infusion pumps and syringe pumps.