Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Project (St. Kitts and Nevis)

From TaiwanICDF 2018-03-28

Project Description


Most of the standard administrative procedures at Joseph N. France General Hospital are performed manually, which is inefficient and can result in inaccuracies. The only tasks done electronically are outpatient registration and the settling of accounts balances. Through this project, personnel are conducting business process analysis and re-engineering in public hospitals, improving operations, introducing a fully functional hospital information system and strengthening overall efficiency, thus enhancing the standard of hospital services and helping meet public satisfaction targets.


Project Period: 2013.01-2017.12


Project Objectives


The main components of this project included:


  1. Assisting in reforming procedures at the hospital and introducing Taiwan’s experience in medical administration.
  2. Building information systems for a range of medical services and introducing standard operating procedures.
  3. Improving the systems management, maintenance and operational capacity of technicians so as to enable them to oversee medical management information systems independently.

Specific project components included:


  1. Analyzing the current status of hospital operations and conducting business process analysis to provide diagnostic reports and define gaps in procedures as well as assisting in the integration of processes by and between each hospital department.
  2. Building information systems for a range of medical services, including patient registration, consultations, accounts, pharmacy operations, storeroom operations, medical histories, examinations, X-rays, blood bank operations and the management of pharmaceutical inventories.
  3. Training three system maintenance personnel so as to support the independent operation of the hospital information system and eliminate technical obstacles.

Progress (Through the End of December 2017)


  1. Analyzed and re-engineered Joseph N. France General Hospital’s operational modules and processes.
  2. Completed the hospital information system, barcode and Electronic Medical Records system and the issuance of medical card.
  3. Carried out the training of personnel responsible for operating hospital information systems.