Emergency Relief for Major Flooding in Sri Lanka

From Buddha's Light International Association(R.O.C) 2018-03-27

On May 26, 2017, Sri Lanka was devastated by its most severe flooding in 14 years, causing 244 deaths and affecting more than 179,000 families, with 698,000 people evacuated from their homes. When Buddha’s Light International Association World Headquarters President Most Venerable Hsin Bau and BLIA World Headquarters Acting President Ven. Tzu Jung heard of this disaster, they immediately instructed BLIA World Headquarters to donate US$10,000 in emergency relief funding and directed the Buddha’s Light Rescue Team to provide humanitarian aid. BLIA World Headquarters Secretary General Ven. Chueh Pei instructed the Buddha’s Light Rescue Team to initiate a three-in-one rescue response comprising medical aid, general supplies and humanitarian assistance.

Before they set off, BLIA World Headquarters President Most Venerable Hsin Bau conferred June 1 the rescue mission flag to the Buddha’s Light Rescue Team at Dong Zen Temple, Malaysia. Coordinated by BLIA World Headquarters Vice Secretary-General Southeast Asia Ven. Chueh Cheng, a team of doctors, nurses and first-aid specialists led by Ven. Ru Xing went to Sri Lanka June 2. Close to the flooding site in Sri Lanka, BLIA Sri Lanka Monastic Advisor Ven. Chueh Men and President Ven. Xin Xi led 40 members and volunteers in gathering spices, dry food, tea, bedsheets, pillows and cleaning supplies for the emergency relief effort.


The Buddha’s Light Rescue Team delivered emergency relief supplies to Kalutara and Matugama in western Sri Lanka and Galle and Nagoda in the south, helping ease the suffering of disaster victims. Medical aid further helped to resolve various illnesses brought by the flooding. The arrival of the Buddha’s Light Rescue Team warmed the hearts of the victims. In four days, the Buddha’s Light Rescue Team went to seven disaster areas to help 371 families, benefiting more than 5,141 people with its emergency relief efforts.